Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Wakelock detector Without Root

In this post, I want to share our achievement on making Wakelock detector(WLD) work without Root.
Since Google had restricted access to battery statistics for third-party apps in Android 4.4 (kitkat), the only way to get wakelock statistics is to Root device. By rooting phone we can install WLD as system app, thus it can work as it worked prior to KitKat.
However, most of users do not want to root their phone, because they might lose warranty or they don't want to get denied from sensitive apps like banking services. There are also other drawbacks of rooting device.
To help these users we tried to make various workarounds. As it was mentioned in previous blog we tried PC version and adb version. PC workaround works only when the phone is connected to PC, and "ADB" workaround was too complicated as it required many steps and was too difficult for non technical users. Also, this adb workaround does not work since Android Marshmallow.

To make ADB workaround easier, we developed a new version of WLD and named it as "Wakelock detector Light". This "Light" version is specifically for Non-Rooted phones, and it requires  less steps than previous adb workaround. It is compatible with Android Marshmallow too.
Less steps means it is easier, but still this workaround requires some technical stuff. If you are interested in tech then it should be no problem.

Here is the link for our tutorial:
Non Root Workaround V2


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  3. Working well on new non-rooted Google Pixel. How can I get rid of the ads? The upgrade button within the app seems to point to the version for rooted phones only.

  4. Hello, I cannot get my windows 7 pc to recognize my Samsung Galaxy Note 4, debugging on, etc, even after reinstalling installing adb, restarting computer and phone. I can open the tutorial, and the Unlocker for Wakeup detector, did kill server, and restart ADB server as well.

  5. I have the same problem, even though my Device Manager shows that the phone is running on the "Samsun Android ADB Interface".