Monday, May 9, 2016

Wakelock detector Light

We released "Wakelock detector - Light" version to the Google Play.
This version of WLD is specifically developed for the purpose of running WLD on normal (non-rooted) phones.

For that purpose, we developed a Chrome Extension "Unlocker for WakelockDetector", which connects to your phone through USB ADB connection.
Chrome extension can switch your phone from USB to TCP-IP, so that Wakelock detector Light can connect to its adb for Wakelock stats retrieval.
Also, there is an option to "Grant Battery Stats" in chrome extension, this option has a low chance of working (but it worked on many Android Marshmallow phones). If it works then it is more permanent workaround than the prior workaround.
More details on Workaround PPT


  1. I have WLD unlock for chrome working, it is connected to N910V with "thumbs up" grand battery icon... where do I see the statistics in chrome?!?!

  2. I have WLD unlocker that shows that "device not found", i installed the drives from the link there below, tried several times to restart the programme and to kill the server, nothing helps. where the problem might be?

  3. For my Sony Xperia Z5 Compact running Android Nougat, and connecting to a Windows 10 computer, the Chrome extension didn't work since it doesn't seem to detect the Sony ADB driver. However, I used the manual solution granting the battery stats permission through the ADB command line, which seemed to work. Is that equivalent to getting the thumbs up in the Chrome app?

    Also, when you say that the battery stats permission option is "more permanent than the prior workaround", what do you mean exactly? Will I not have to do this again when I reboot my phone?

    In any case, thank you very much for providing these workarounds and keeping Wakelock Detector compatible with new versions of Android. I used it many years ago on an Android 2 phone, and was very glad to see that I can still use it on Android 7 now that I have battery drain problems again.

  4. Is the Mac version no longer working?